Taking Teenagers’ Mental Health Seriously

Being a teenager is a rollercoaster ride! They are highly rebellious and misunderstood for behaving aggressively and throwing tantrums. This is partly because teenage years are formative and pose numerous challenges in a person’s life. In addition, it is a transitory phase where adolescents are preparing to step into adulthood. With all the hormonal and other changes in the body, this stage of life creates confusion and stressful moments, making it difficult for individuals to cope. Consequently, teenagers become vulnerable to high parental expectations and peer pressure, making them prone to developing mental ailments, including depression and anxiety.

Moreover, it is very common for teenagers to live in solitude, experience regular mood swings and behave disobediently in general. However, some parents lack awareness about these issues and tend to mishandle growing children, destroying their mental well-being, self-esteem and self-confidence. However, parents should realise that these traits are not permanent and merely a stepping stone to adulthood. Therefore, parents need to keep an eye on the children and give them the time and space to explore themselves and help them grow.

Besides, teenage parenting is very tough and requires a lot of responsibility. However, since bringing up mentally healthy children is critical for every parent, some essential points discussed below can help struggling parents deal with teenagers appropriately:

  • Show them love and respect. Tell them that it is ok to feel overwhelmed and confused during adolescence, but such feelings do not last forever.
  • Applaud their achievements but also offer empathy during failure. Make them realise that life is not a bed of roses and losing is normal. Teach them to use failures as critical lessons to alleviate their stature.
  • Take a keen interest in their lives. While giving space is healthy, the teenager can sometimes depict it as a lack of interest by the parents, damaging their mental health.
  • Show them that their opinions matter. Encourage the teenager to actively engage in family decision-making.
  • Be a good listener and allow them to share their feelings without hesitation. Make them feel as if they are talking to a close friend.
  • Since the use of technology is inevitable in the modern era, limit a teenager’s screen time to spend quality time with the family.
  • Don’t brush problems under the rug. If things are getting out of control, causing emotional breakdown, promptly seek a professional’s help.
  • Remove taboos related to mental health problems and teach them that seeking psychiatric help does not make them psychotic.
  • Inculcate good eating habits. This should be done from earlier stages of development to make a child realise the importance of healthy eating.
  • Ask the teenager to sleep adequately to stay mentally fresh and receptive.

If your adolescent child is experiencing mental health problems, Naperville teen therapists can help them. Unfortunately, some teenagers are susceptible to criticizm and take things personally. Therefore, it is essential to guide and help them identify erroneous thinking patterns that are the root causes of a teenager’s volatile behavior.

Alone we can do so little. But, together we can do so much! So, let’s join hands!