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How You Can Make Your Custom Paper Boxes Better By Using Less Resources

Making a correct packaging choice for your business is a critical task. It often involves a tradeoff between two significantly important things. When it comes to sustainability, it is no longer a choice; rather it has become the need of time. With the increase in environmental concerns and consumer’s interest in preserving the planet, it has become necessary for businesses to switch towards green packaging practices. Sustainable paper boxes are much better as compared to other alternatives. They use minimal resources, generate less waste and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. These sustainable strategies are fairly simple. All you have to do is to go for the right choice for your company and the customers. Let us have a look at a couple of ways to make your custom paper boxes better by using less resources:

Using Recyclable and Reusable Material:

The best way to create better packaging is to go for a reusable or recyclable material. You can reuse the material for various purposes. For example, left-over Kraft paper boxes can be used to store office equipment or make kids’ play. Utilizing your packaging to create something purpose can help in reducing your overall waste and prevent the unnecessary purchase of goods. Similarly, going for recyclable options like paperboard, or cardboard can help you to convert them to new packaging products which can be used later. Recycling is a two-way process. It means that if your packaging is made from recycled sources it will be able to recycle as well when used. For this, you have to make your customers clear about its disposal. It is also impossible to guarantee that all of your consumers play a role in recycling their products’ packaging. But your efforts can make a great contribution in this regard. Such practices help you to use less resources and generate less waste that goes to the landfills.

Encourage Minimal Packaging:

Investing in a packaging design that uses a minimal amount of material can make you save more on resources. In addition, to create complex packaging, it is better to go for minimal designs. It also leads to a reduction in your product cost. For example, if a bakery business goes for introducing cylindrical paper cans for cookie packaging, it might use more layers of material to make it durable to carry. On the other hand, using tuck end Kraft paper boxes is an ideal packaging solution. It used less material and has a structure that enhances the level of protection for your cookies. Minimally designed custom paper boxes allow you to consume less energy during manufacturing and hence less amount of fuel during transportation.

Consider Smart Packaging of Products:

If you have implemented both the tips above, it’s the right time to experiment with something new. There are plenty of options you can implement to reduce your resources as well as packaging waste. One of them is using smart packaging for your products. It is relatively a new concept and still under development so there is a lot to experiment with.  Smart packaging improves customer interaction with the products. From smart labels indicating freshness to scannable recycling instructions, every consumer will soon be able to interact more with a product’s package.  There are several benefits of using smart packaging. It is beneficial for the environment. It extends the shelf life of food products, reduces waste, and requires less resources. As a result, you can design your paper boxes and other packaging solutions much better than before.

Streamline Your Packaging Method:

Good things come in smaller packages. Big is not always better! Just take a look at your product’s packaging design. Everything should be necessary. If your package has a lot of unused space, it means that you are incurring an additional cost in long. Streamlining your packaging methods is an effective way to cut off your resources. That unused space inside your custom paper boxes should be eliminated. Using less material when it comes to packaging and shipping is always a smart move. Smaller-sized packaging not only reduces your shipping expense but also the materials, resources, and carbon emissions during transportation. Wrapping your products in less packaging means happier customers in the end too! It provides a simpler and more thoughtful un-boxing experience making them remember your brand for long.

Avoid Mixed Materials:

When paper and plastic combine, they become no longer recyclable because the layers cannot be separated. Therefore, it is better to avoid using mixed material and stick to packaging that is made entirely from paper. However, in some situations where plastic is to be used for your product’s packaging, it is recommended to go for only one type. The longer you use material, the better it is. The more you recycle, the less new resources you will use from the planet.

Trim the Fat:

A large amount of waste is produced at the warehouse and retailer levels. To avoid this, talk with your packaging manufacturer to create custom packaging boxes for your products. Customized packaging allows you to preserve space and material throughout the production and distribution process. Kraft paper is famous for its versatility. You can trim the fat as much as you can to create a perfect-sized box for your product. Go for minimalist designs to create a sleek and clean look to appeal to the consumers. It sets you apart from the heavy-packaged competition.

Reconsider your Packaging Design:

Although it is not possible with every item, different brands have found creative ways to reduce the size of their packaging or alter its shape to make less use of resources. No matter what type of product, arranging it in different ways can minimize the amount of packaging material without compromising on the product quality. You may also think of creating a design for reuse to make better utilization of resources.