Seven Benefits Of Custom Foot Orthotics That You Do Not Know

Seven Benefits Of Custom Foot Orthotics That You Do Not Know

Custom foot orthotics are medical devices that offer cushion and support to the arch of the foot but also give a few other advantages. If your feet hurt, whether you’re standing, walking, or running, you’re probably aware that over-the-counter shoe inserts or premade orthotics can help. 

While shoe inserts can give immediate comfort, arch support, and more cushion, they cannot eliminate foot pain since they are not specifically designed to provide the advantages you seek. On the other hand, custom fit orthotics are rather different. They are medical devices that give cushioning and arch support, as well as a few other advantages.

Defining orthotics.

Orthotics are shoe inserts that can help with a range of foot disorders, such as flat feet or foot discomfort. Orthotics can give relief and comfort for the mild foot and heel discomfort, but they can’t fix major biomechanical issues.

Following are the most important advantages of custom foot orthotics.

It can be efficient and effective.

The design of the custom foot orthotics will be as per your prescription requirements. It will also take into account your medical condition, limb length evaluation, and leg and foot measurements. This makes them more effective and efficient than the mass-produced prefabricated foot orthotics that you get at malls and medical stores. 

Designs of insoles will align with your shoes; however, they may not fit your feet. While custom foot orthotics are built specifically for you, you may find them to be overly high or low.

It will reduce pain while eliminating future injuries.

Your feet should not ache under any circumstances. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, you should schedule an appointment with a podiatrist or a foot expert. To reduce the pain and prevent it from recurring, the podiatrist would most likely prescribe foot orthotics. It will also protect you from foot ulcers, corns, calluses, and foot injuries.

Custom foot orthotics will help you improve the overall foot function.

Custom foot orthotics will improve your feet’ function by making them more comfortable and pain-free.

It can correct your foot abnormalities.

Generic shoe inserts give more cushioning, making your feet feel more comfortable and relaxed, but they cannot address foot problems. But with custom foot orthotics, you can address your foot problems. They can alleviate foot discomfort and address irregularities, such as high arches known as supination and collapsing arches known as pronation.

It is preferable to utilize custom-made orthotics if your two feet do not have the same structure or if only one foot has abnormalities. They can help you regain your balance and prevent your foot condition from getting worse.

Custom foot orthotics will offer the right support you need.

Your feet are important for not only sustaining but also balancing your body weight. Ill-fitting shoes and bad posture caused by biomechanical foot disorders like over-pronation, supination, and falling arches that will put additional strain on the lower back, knee, and foot, resulting in discomfort and injury.

Custom foot orthotics can give appropriate support where it is requisite and successfully alleviate or prevent pain in the right area. Custom foot orthotics is the best knee pain relief product in the market. 

Custom foot orthotics can help you improve your athletic performance.

Pain and pain can make it difficult to perform at your best in sports. With custom foot orthotics, your foot, leg, and body will be in alignment, comfortable, and pain-free. It can allow you to perform better in sports and activities. They also assist in reducing your chance of damage.

It will help your foot to adapt to the terrain.

The surfaces can be slippery, slant, rocky, and hard on which we walk or perform activities – such as working or playing sports. Though, it can offer our feet several challenges. Humans are prone to jumping, running, and just walking on them. We don’t realize how much energy our lower limbs expend to keep them active and balanced.

Because of the pressure points beneath the foot, the body adjusts to the terrain naturally. These are often disturbed, causing the weight burden to be unevenly distributed. This imbalance leads to foot problems such as blisters, plantar fasciitis, and fatigue fractures over time.

Here’s where plantar orthosis comes in handy. It will evenly distribute the stress on the pressure points under the foot, allowing it to sustain itself during activities. Body motions, posture, and muscle performance are all improved, which helps prevent a variety of foot and lower limb pathologies.


Custom foot orthotics can considerably improve your foot functionality, and capacity. They are worth checking into if you have foot discomfort or other difficulties. Schedule an appointment in a physiotherapy clinic in Calgary to receive your pain of custom foot orthotics.

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