Dermatologist Treatment for Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots appear on the face for various reasons. In case you’re asking the quintessential question that everyone asks, ‘why me?’, we’ve got you covered there.

If you’re dissing your dark spots right now, stop right away. Every spot on your face is beautiful, and you’re gorgeous with and without them.

You don’t need to get rid of your spots to fit into the societal standards of beauty. However, if you still wish to get it done for cosmetic reasons, we’re here to cheer you on!

Dermatologists say that dark spots occur on the face when the skin starts producing more melanin than usual.

Some of the dark spots on the skin are sometimes age spots or sunspots. The majority of the dark spots can be treated at home and using home remedies. If none of these home remedies works, you should book an appointment with the best dermatologist in Bangalore

Dermatitis recommended removal options to consider 

Dark spots may appear on your skin due to sun damage, hormonal changes, side effects of medicine, inflammation, cosmetic irritation, diabetes, or sound healing.

Here are a few ways recommended by dermatologists which help you remove your spots:

1. Laser treatment 

The best dermatologist clinic in Bangalorehas good laser treatment options. Dermatologists mostly use a pulsed light laser. The light from the laser breaks up the melanin on the spot and thereby dissolves the dark spot.

2. Tropical creams

Advertises on the best spot removal creams can be deceptive, which frequently might leave you frustrated. Therefore, dermatologists recommended creams are a better option to go for. Dermatologists know their job, and consequently, the creams they recommend will work.

The dermatologist recommended creams will gently lighten the problem area on regular use. Sometimes dermatologists may even suggest some creams that contain specific acids which help you lighten your spots.

3. Microdermabrasion

This is a process where the dermatologist uses a device with an abrasive surface on your problem areas. This creates cuts on the skin that help remove the upper layer of the skin. This promotes collagen growth and thereby reduces pigmentation.

4. Chemical peels 

Your dermatologist may recommend you apply a solution to the skin. This is a peel-off solution that exfoliates the surface. This, in turn, leads to new growth of the skin that fades your dark spots.

5. Cryotherapy

This is an advanced form of sport removal that dermatologists perform. This is only prescribed by dermatologists when other techniques do not work out for the patient.

In this process, the dermatologist applied liquid nitrogen to your dark spot to freeze them. This injures the cells there, and the skin heals and becomes a lighter shade there.

Final thoughts

Dermatologists offer you the professional help you require to take care of your dark spots when nothing else seems to work out. Therefore, going to the best dermatologist in town is a good option instead of getting frustrated after trying out the options available at your disposal.

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