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How much are white crowns for teeth?

The condition of the teeth in the oral cavity depicts a lot about your inner health and body nature in combating diseases. Poor dental health results in increased risk of infections and falling sick to even the mildest of the flu. The decay, bleeding and inflammation in the gums are accompanied by hurting pain. It is always better to stop its further spread and development to other tissues and blood. Timely treatment and the white crowns for capping are of extreme help to counter such situations. White dental crowns are seated only after the decay is dealt with and the area is numbed using a local anesthesia. The white crown cost is higher than the SSC, and is about $500-$3000, per tooth.

There are several options to consider under the head of the white crown tooth. These include the porcelain, ceramic, resin, PFM and zirconia crowns. These all are whitish in colour and resemble the natural tooth in reality. Their strength and lasting nature varies depending on the materials used to manufacture them. The zirconia crowns are the most durable and strongest of all these crown options. Here is a repertoire of white crowns and cost to have a clear picture of which crown fits the best for the newly treated tooth. The crowning material also depends on the time or number of years the tooth actually requires their support.

White Crowns Do Cost You

The cheapest crown comes from the metal or the alloy range. The stainless steel crowns or the SSC are the hits in this category, they are strong and durable along with the colour of dark steel which downgrades its use on the front tooth reconstruction. The white crowns for teeth are duplicates of the original tooth and can be used where the metal crowns fall short. The white crown costs around $ 500- $3000. In this range, the listed crowns are demarcated to serve temporary or years of service for protection, restoration of the tooth structure. The white crowns for teeth cost more than the SSC which comes cheaper at $300-$500. Yet, the smiles are perfect only with the uniformity in the tooth colour and shapes. So the white crowns are much preferable than the metals and alloys available at cheaper rates.

  • All porcelain crowns-$800-$3000
  • Ceramic crowns- $500-$750
  • Resin crowns-$600-$1300
  • PFM crowns- $850-$1800
  • Zirconia crowns- $1000-$2500

The listed white crowns are infamous for their aesthetically pleasing factor when seated or implanted. The zirconia crowns are the most lasting option amongst the ceramic and metal fused crowns. The veneered crowns of these popular materials are available to explore the casing of the tooth from the front only. These are solely meant for one sided protection given the tooth is not under severe caries defect. Their fitting and expertise in delivering the finish to the tooth becomes essential in both, all round crowing to the front shielding in case of veneered crowns. Knowledge of these types makes it easier to chisel down to the best suitable crown for seating. 

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