Soberlink makes Real-Time Monitoring of Alcohol Use Possible

There are a few different ways to test alcohol. Alcohol can be tested in the blood, air, urine, and saliva.

Blood Alcohol Testing

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is considered a standard measure of alcohol consumption. Over the years, studies have shown that there is a direct link between the level of alcohol in the blood and the degree to which the reaction and judgment are impaired. The Soberlink method used to test blood alcohol Gas Chromatography is also the most accurate quality test in the industry today. However, blood transfusions are an expensive and expensive procedure that many companies choose to avoid.

Breathing Alcohol Testing

It is well established that there is a direct relationship between the level of alcohol in a person’s blood and his or her alcohol content. During respiration, gas is exchanged from the lungs to the blood (especially oxygen) during inhalation, as well as the vice versa (especially C02) during exhalation. During this exchange, alcohol in the blood evaporates and is released into the lungs by exhaled air. There are several types of respiratory alcohol tests available today. This ranges from disposable inspectors to equipment that provides legally valid results, including the most expensive digital liquor monitors. These Soberlink 

Types of testers fall into three categories:

  • Proof of Respiratory Response Devices
  • Unconfirmed Mobile Devices
  • Disposable Devices (provides non-forensic results)

Proof air conditioning equipment is usually expensive (costs from $ 2000- $ 5000 per unit), requires regular maintenance, repair, and calibration, and should be used by certified personnel. Attachments such as pieces of sterile mouth should be used every time the test is performed. These tabletop units are designed for use in one place. Movement can cause a change in balance that will need to be adjusted.

Hand-held mobile devices provide accurate results and are used for testing purposes. By measuring the alcohol content of the breath, a reliable indication of the level of alcohol in the blood is achieved. Portable devices are not much more accurate than proven devices, but by comparing the cost-effectiveness ratio, these Soberlink devices are affordable and sufficient for personal use. Many drinks are unproven and therefore cannot be used in a court of law.

Disposable devices are not leafy, are less accurate, and are measurable methods of alcohol testing. It can be used to detect the presence of alcohol to a negative degree with a degree of depletion. As it is lost, the cost of each test is much higher than the cost of testing using portable devices.

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