Top 8 Most Common Sports Injuries

Many of us might have undergone injuries minutely or severely while playing. Injuries are common in sports, but one must be aware of the seriousness of injuries. Injuries, when unattended, might lead to complex issues, and diagnosing and treating them at the initial stages can safeguard us from further complications. 

In this blog, we have listed some most common injuries faced by athletes.


It is the most common type of sports injury that occurs while practising any sport that results in a twisted movement. It occurs when the ligaments connecting the bones tear down. Sprains occur most of the time in the ankles and which can be treated at home with ease. But severe damage to the ligaments might need surgery.


Fractures are also common among various sports injuries, and it is nothing but the breakage of the bone. The breakage might be partial or severe depending on the force. It causes severe pain and requires treatment, which involves resetting the broken bone in the correct position and casting the area. Again, proper warm-up and padding can help avoid such injuries.


A dislocation occurs when the bone forces out of the socket, which results in severe pain and swelling. It can occur in the elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees and other joints. It occurs due to accidents or falls during sports activities. The treatment involves putting back the misplaced bone in its normal position. In this injury, you require a few weeks to recover.

Golf elbow

Golf elbow is considered one of the most common sports injuries faced by numerous athletes. This injury occurs due to repetitive activity in any sports like golf and continuous hand strokes in tennis. Golf elbow is nothing but the straining of the ligaments in the elbow due to epicondyle inflammation. Nearly 7 percent of sports injuries are elbow injuries. We can avoid these injuries by taking breaks in between games.

Knee injury

Even as a kid, many of us might have hurt our knees while playing. Knee injuries are the most common in sports, with 55 per cent of the sports injuries occurring in the knee. Sometimes knee injuries can become severe and require surgery, while others need treatment with bracing or exercises. Sprains, bursitis, dislocations, fractures, and strains are some of the common knee injuries. The injuries occur due to falls, accidents, twisting motions, or direct forces in sports. Such injuries can be identified by swelling and intense pain.

Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries occur due to athletic activities that involve repetitive or overhead motions like tennis, swimming, weightlifting, and basketball. These injuries makeup 20 per cent of all sports injuries and can be treated with rest and medication.


It is brain damage or injury resulting from head damage while playing when excessive pressure is applied. Concussions can cause tiredness, headache, perplexity, and nausea. Concussions require weeks or even months to heal with complete rest. Several concussions of the brain may also permanently damage it. You can prevent head injuries by wearing proper headgear while playing contact sports like football.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the severe pain in the front bone of the lower due to the pressure of muscles, tendons, or bone tissue. It occurs due to sudden changes in training routines in athletes or to a person who is new to exercising. Individuals having plantar fasciitis can rest and use pain relievers to cure. Icing promptly can also help.


We should not take sports injuries for granted. The blog might have clarified you regarding the vitality of diagnosis and treatments needed after an injury. If any symptoms are detected, a podiatrist near Silverdale, Washington, is one of the best options for a consultation.

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