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What are gift ideas for 1-year-old boys and girls?

Kids love to wait for gifts. It’s a tough row in hoe, selecting the best gift for 1-year-old. Everything new excites the toddlers, may it be food, chocolate, or toys. Thus the demand for kids having all the toys in the toy shop is common. But as a parent, one must buy the safest and appropriate toy for a one-year-old child. 

If it’s a one-year birthday around the corner, selecting the best birthday gifts for one year old can be a tricky task. The buying guide below will make this task facile for all the lovely parents out there. 

Buying Guide

If your little one has just entered the toddler phase, finding out the best gifts for 1-year-olds can seem arduous. So, to land on the right choice, always remember to look out for the following factors,

  • Size:  When it comes to kid’s toys, make sure to pick small-sized toys so that they fit into your baby’s hand. To ensure this, check the package description to find out the age recommendation. 
  • Weight: As your baby steps into the toddler phase, never buy an intricate or heavy toy. Go with simple toys and pieces and make sure they weigh less. 
  • Safety: Though you sort out age-appropriate toys, always check for sharp edges or loosely attached parts. For instance, a child can easily pull off delicate parts like wheels. 
  • Creativity: The best baby gifts for 1 year old must induce creativity and bring out their expressiveness and artistic ability. Remember that children no longer need soft toys to grab but creative or educational toys to play and explore.
  • Price range: Kids’ toys come with cost variations on average. However, never overspend on toys that the kid will overgrow in some time. Instead, either go for affordable toys or slightly pricey ones if they serve for some extra years.

1)CraftDev Wooden geometric toy

This stacking toy best suits early toddlers to learn geometry by sorting the shapes and stacking the blocks. Other skills to polish include color recognition, hand-eye coordination. The shape blocks come with unique holes to get set into the peg, so there are countless arrangements a kid can try. Also, the vibrant colors draw attraction, keeping their focus unescapable. 

2)Einstein Box

This Einstein box with versatile play and learning items develops imagination. Precisely, this kit is the best to buy to improve thinking skills and develop a love for books. These rank as top toys for one-year-old.

This box contains five farm animal masks using which your toddler can have countless role-play ideas. Next is a peek-a-boo board game that focuses on enhancing memory. The first-word poster will let you teach your kids phonetically easy words and the rhyme book for improving verbal skills. 

3)Giggles-walk and drive Truck

This Giggle truck package has various included components with many advantages and good features added to it. They can get an idea about the different trucks and learn a lot. 

4)Farm matching animals

This vibrant animal-based puzzle pattern is an excellent brain-building toy for your little one who just entered the toddler phase as it enhances color recognition, verbal communication, knowing animals sorting, and hand-eye coordination. This puzzle set comes with four distinct animal patterns, each on a separate wood base with corresponding, colorful puzzle blocks.

5)Car parking garage 

A car parking garage is quite fun and exciting for boys or girls interested in cars. The game consists of an enormous car parking area with three different-sized cars and a colorful design.  

6)Gardening kits 

Nature plays a vital role in establishing the growth of kids. The gardening kit is the best present for one-year-olds. Sun, soil, and water are the three main components of nature. Allow the kid to learn these elements of nature with the gardening kit.


LEGO has been one famous brand manufacturing interlocking plastic brick toys and, this gingerbread house set is the best gifts for a one-year-old. This birthday party set has around 21 pieces with ornamental elements like cartoon figures, colorful items like a car, cake, some birthday presents, and a party house that makes a set of attractive toys for growing toddlers. 

8)Wooden stack toy

This playset is easy to use but focuses on multiple baby growth aspects like eye-to-eye coordination, motor and sorting skills. 

The base host is sturdy enough and easily holds all eight rings without flipping down. There is a monochrome ring to teach color contrast. And also a rattle with beads to learn connecting sound to sight in the early toddler phase. 

9))Play Panda X

Play panda contains magnetic puzzle circles with 100 magnets, a magnetic board, puzzle book, and display stand. They can make fruits, animals, birds, vehicles, and a few different things. It promotes hours of fun for kids across age groups. Children can play in groups as well. The real magic happens when kids start creating their things. 

10) Imagine make

This top toy for one-year-olds is educational as it has learning aid puzzles included. A unique, fun, and exciting puzzle toy to help children learn about their imagination. This puzzle makes study in a fun way for kids to improve their motor skills and literature. Imagine make comes with beautiful crayons and plain paper sheets, where a kid can put down their imagination.

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