When Is The Right Time To Visit An OB-GYN

Are you shy to discuss your reproductive problems and are yearning for someone to give you sexual pieces of advice? Then, a women’s health OB-GYN can solve your problem.

OB-GYN stands for Obstetrician-gynecologist. An OB-GYN is a doctor who specializes in reproductive health for women.

It is ideal for an adolescent between 13 and 15 years to first visit an OB-GYN and for every woman to get a regular examination to keep up good health.

When should you see an OB-GYN?

Problem regarding menstruation

Adolescents who first attain puberty can visit an OB-GYN to get some tips about menstruation. The doctors will also help treat premenstrual syndromes, including mood swings, tiredness, irritability, and depression. Fibroids pressurize the lining of the uterus and intensify the pain during menstruation, and it is an issue that needs treatment. It is time to visit a doctor if you find any changes in the regular volume of blood or unusual bleeding. Abnormal cramping is also a problem to be noted.  


Ladies who have attained menopause can consult a doctor for vaginal dryness or a decrease in libido. In addition, women undergoing menopause who face problems like night sweats, hot flashes, bone loss, irritability, or mood changes can visit the doctor for hormone replacement therapy. This is because a woman’s body terminates producing certain hormones after menopause that lead to numerous problems. Hormone replacement therapy is a medical procedure that contains these hormones. 

Pregnancy complexities

If you are confused about whether you are pregnant, you can consult the doctor for clarification. The doctor will also inform you in case of miscarriages or any other pregnancy complications. You may also get advice from doctors for queries related to diet during pregnancy, options for birthing, scans and screenings, breastfeeding, labour pain, and postpartum depression.

Pain during Sexual Intercourse

If you experience any pain during intercourse, then you may visit an OB-GYN for a solution. In addition, you can ask the doctor to advise you about sexually transmitted diseases.

Birth control

You can visit the doctor to get some safe sex tips if you are not planning to have a baby. In addition, you can gather information about contraceptive methods to avoid sterilization.


You may consult an OB-GYN if you doubt yourself of infertility. The physician will give you infertility treatments and diet plans, and tips to conceive.

Urinary and vaginal infections

You can visit a doctor if you experience any pain during urination or in case you find any other unusual symptoms.

Urinary tract infections, if identified, can be treated by the doctor. The unusual vaginal discharge is also an issue to consult with an OB-GYN. Itching in the genital areas and pelvic pain are also issues to be treated.


It is a disorder in which the tissue usually in the uterus lining is found on other parts like the ovaries, intestines, or fallopian tubes. In this condition, the patient will have irregular periods and pain. It may also lead to hormonal imbalances and a gain in weight, and you can cure this problem with treatment.

Breast disorders

Various types of breast disorders like breast pain, cysts, fibroadenomas that are lumps, fat necrosis, breast tenderness, and other problems related to the breasts require a consultation with an OB-GYN.

Urinary incontinence

It is a condition in which a person is unable to control urination. You can cure it by consulting an OB-GYN with appropriate treatment.


This blog might have given you clarity regarding when you should get ready to visit an OB-GYN. The OB-GYN helps with all problems related to women and female reproductive systems, and women should keep getting regular check-ups every year with the OB-GYN. 

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